Coline Confort was born in 1998, France. In 2020, she graduated from ECAL (Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne) in filmmaking where she directed her documentary short film Impériale (Imperial), winner of the Best Swiss School film Award at the Internationalen Kurzfilmtagen Winterthur. She is a member of the Artist Collective Revolta based in Lausanne and is now developing her first documentary feature film.

Filmography (directing) :

2021    SILKE (Doc / 80 min)

produced by Dreampixies, in development (expected 2022)

2021     IMPÉRIALE / IMPERIAL (Doc / 22 min)

produced by Climage

2020     OMIKUJI (Doc / 9 min)

co-directed with Nikita Merlini

2019     DES JOIES ET DES PEINES (Doc / 19 min)

            LA RENARDE (Fiction / 7 min)

            LE GOÛT DE LA VIE (Doc / 3 min)

2018      ALLA VITA (Doc / 52 min)

Filmography (director assistant) :

2021    LES TÉMOINS (Doc / 52 min)

directed by David Parel, produced by Bande à part Films

2021    BALTHAZAR ET MADALENA (Fiction / 20 min)

directed by Gabriel Colban, produced by ECAL

Filmography (editor assistant) :

2021    LES GALAXIONAUTES (Doc / 80 min)

directed by Christian Denisart, produced by Climage