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Directed by Coline Confort

Produced by Artist Collective Revolta

2022, documentary/film essay, Switzerland, 13 min

Coline's long-distance lover, Naoto, has been sending weekly recordings of himself from his room in Tokyo in the hopes of making a film together and receiving video responses in return.

Coline threads his recordings with her own collection of fleeting images she had shot on mini DV tapes during the previous three years, intertwining them into an intimate video diary.

STARRING : Naoto Nitta

DIRECTION : Coline Confort

PRODUCTION : Artist Collective Revolta

EDITING : Brandon Beytrison

SOUND EDITING : Sebastian Friedmann

SOUND MIX : Jérôme Vittoz

Festival (a selection) :

08.11.2022 - 13.11.2022

  • Lago Film Festival, International Competition, Lago Revine

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